• STABILO Point-88 (10 pens/box)

    • 270.000

      • Bút viết êm tay, mực đậm, đều nét.
      • Thiết kế độc đáo, nổi bật, màu mực đẹp, rõ nét
      • Chất liệu bền đẹp, kích cỡ nhỏ gọn
      • Sự lựa chọn lý tưởng dành cho tranh tô màu người lớn

    STABILO Point-88 (10 pens/box)

    STABILO point88 multi-usage fineliner is one of the highest reputed product in STABILO family.  Patterned orange-white strip pen barrel shows her explicitly  to other fineliners in market.  Hexagonal slim pen size, light weight with writing line at 0.4mm, is almost same as writing pencil that most students really missed using in our early schooling stage. Writing smoothly with solid metal-clipping writing head design, never let writing tips sliding inside the barrel!

    Proven writing length up to 1,000 meters (2-3 times than others) with solid capping design, can keep storage unused over 3 years without questions.

    img class=”size-full wp-image-1549 aligncenter” src=”http://thaia-vn.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/08/1493376808_a.jpg” alt=”” />

    STABILO leading anti-drying ink technology control moderate ink flowing on paper, without penetrating to back side, keep writing works clean and tidy.

    Wide color range option (up to 46 colors) with guaranteed non-toxic ink materials (fully met with high CE safety standard), gives users safe feelings instead of using other toxic product. In addition, proven off-capping test guarantee up to 48 hours without getting dry, writing same as usual!  Never worry of being carelessly left cap off after using, highly secure your “investment” to consume STABILO products.

    Point 88 is said to be a multi-usage writing pen, suitable in writing, sketching, accurate plotting when using rulers, fine drawing and even though water-coloring (water brushing).  Come to experience this wonderful STABILO beloved writing pen now!

    Weight 250 g
    Dimensions 16 x 7 x 4 cm

    Ánh sáng ngọc lục bảo, Cam, Cam dạ quang, Cây vòi voi, Crimson, Hồng, Hồng dạ quang, Hồng sáng, Light red, Nâu, Nâu gạch, Nâu đen, Nâu đỏ, Neon red, Nhạt châu sa, Quả mơ, Táo xanh, Tía, Tím, Tím hoa cà, Tím sáng, Vàng, Vàng chanh, Vàng dạ quang, Vàng nâu ánh sáng, Xám lạnh sâu, Xám lạnh trung, Xám nhạt, Xám payne, Xám đậm, Xanh băng, Xanh biển đậm, Xanh dạ quang, Xanh da trời, Xanh dương, Xanh lá cây, Xanh lá cây nhạt, Xanh lá dạ quang, Xanh lá sáng, Xanh lá đậm, Xanh ngọc lam, Xanh nhạt, Xanh ô liu, Xanh tối, Đất son thẫm, Đen, Đỏ


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