• Bút lông STABILO Pen-68 ( 10 cây – Hộp)

    • 231.000

      • Đầu viết 1mm, có thể sử dụng như cọ vẽ
      • Thiết kế đầu lông, khi viết không bị xơ, toe ngòi
      • Màu sắc tương phản, độ bão hòa cao, màu lâu phai
      • Mở nắp 24 giờ không khô đầu bút

    STABILO Pen 68 1.0mm (10 pens/box)

    STABILO Pen 68 1.0mm

    Bút lông màu Stabilo Pen-68 PN68 1mm (10 bút/hộp)

    Most people consider water-based coloring felt pen would be used mainly to primary school pupils for simple coloring. STABILO Pen68 coloring felt pen proved her superior coloring technology to high demand users on water-based coloring pen with impressive features.
    High quality coloring ink gives exceptional long color-fastness durability in drawing book, you will read your drawings after years as color remains brilliant and up to the first day colored. 46 colors options, makes coloring easy than ever!

    Ideal choice for adult paintings

    It is so easy to work out color blending effect either sketching different colors next to others, or use watered brush to work out water-coloring pencil effect on glossy papers.
    Many people even likes to use in headers writing or portrait and house design drawings. In last global adult coloring fever, many artists used STABILO Pen68 along with Point88 Fineliner working out impressive brilliant coloring masterpieces!
    Bút lông màu Stabilo Pen-68 PN68 1mm (10 bút/hộp)

    STABILO Pen68 passed CE safety standard, no worry on toxic materials found in STABILO product. Pen68 draws at 1.2mm line width, drawing line width up to 800 meters, with advanced STABILO anti-drying technology, Pen68 can be left uncapped over 1 week but can be still used as usual, no ink penetrated to paper back on normal writings.
    High abrasive-resistant pen tip keeps all line drawings in shape with smooth writing feel! Students even use neon colors as fine highlighters in daily study. These are the reasons why STABILO Pen68 were generally welcomed by designers and artists.

    More different STABILO Pen68 packaging are available to meet specific needs from users. After using once, you will hardly find other coloring felt pen to replace Pen68 with her brilliant colors and perfect performance and come to understand why Pen68 was highly recommended by those demanding professionals!

    Bút lông màu Stabilo Pen-68 PN68 1mm (10 bút/hộp)Bút lông màu Stabilo Pen 68

    Bút lông màu Stabilo Pen-68 PN68 1mm (10 bút/hộp)

    Màu sắc phong phú

    Bút lông màu Stabilo Pen 68

    Bộ bút lông sẽ tô vẽ cho những tác phẩm nghệ thuật của riêng bạn


    Weight 400 g
    Dimensions 18 x 5 x 4 cm

    Ánh sáng ngọc lục bảo, Cam, Cam huỳnh quang, Cây vòi voi, Da, Hồng, Hồng hoa hồng, Hồng huỳnh quang, Nâu, Nâu gạch, Nâu đen, Nâu đỏ, Nhạt châu sa, Tía, Tím, Tím hoa cà, Vàng, Vàng chanh, Vàng huỳnh quang, Vàng nâu ánh sáng, Xám lạnh sâu, Xám lạnh trung, Xám nhạt, Xám payne, Xám đậm, Xanh băng, Xanh biển huỳnh quang, Xanh biển đậm, Xanh da trời, Xanh dương, Xanh lá cây, Xanh lá cây nhạt, Xanh lá huỳnh quang, Xanh lá nhạt, Xanh lá sáng, Xanh ngọc lam, Xanh ngọc đậm, Xanh nhạt, Xanh phổ, Xanh ve chai, Đất son thẫm, Đen, Đỏ, Đỏ huỳnh quang, Đỏ son, Đỏ đậm


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