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    STABILO “Boss original” is said to be best-selling highligter in world market, main target to office and indoor users.  In Europe, people may call Coke representing soft drinks; then Boss stands for highlighters!  Compact handy body size gives most users holding comfort, with 9 colors available to meet critical needs; ink refillable option helps consumer’s saving and also protect global environment from unnecessary wastage!  Patterned product design in most countries to keep away from counterfeit or look-alike products as a way protecting consumers being misled!

    Being a leading highlighter manufacturer in stationery market, STABILO dominates significant portion market share in Europe and Asia, supplying full range of different highlighters in terms of colors, pen size, outlook design and ink contrast level to meet specific needs from customers.

    Durable writing tip maintains good marking quality up to last ink drop, ensure smooth marking performance with 100% ink concentrated!  With proven innovated ink technology, guarantee anti-drying ink protection (4 hours in air-conditioning room or 7 hours at normal outdoor condition), can help saving and increase working efficiency even though leave the pen uncapped for hours but still writing full ink as usual (most other brands could last up to 2 hours only)!  Leading ink-saving technology highly protect ink penetrated to back side of paper, always keep your documents looked clean and tidy, that is the reason STABILO highlighters can write longer than others with relevant ink content and highlighting ink drying instantly on papers, save working time and money with higher efficiency, as a way of considering gasoline consumption before buying a vehicle for daily use!  One more important point but most users easily ignored as STABILO ink could last her brilliant original color for years without fading out, gives additional impression to users when they have experienced using other highlighters and the markings changed colors (for example, from yellow to brown) or faded only for 2 weeks!

    STABILO is proud of her secure capping design, pens are highly protected with tight caps to avoid ink drying out.  Some users have tried to put STABILO highlighters into aquarium over 7 days and surprisingly found the pen was still in normal condition without water leaking inside the cap.  You can keep any STABILO product in normal room temperature for 3 years without questions!  With proven durability, reliability and above superb performance, we may understand why STABILO is so famous in international market over 160 years

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